Graphic Direction Pte Ltd provides high quality pop up displays for your company or business. Create a powerful impression with our  quick and easy to set up pop up displays

We will be happy to teach you how to set up and dismantle the pop up display set. The pop up display set can be reused again with a new banner if required.

High Quality & Portable Pop-Up Display System!

  • available in popular curve design
  • easy setup in 5-10 mins!
  • comes with portable casing
  • price includes printing
Our 3 x 3 Pop Up Display system is ideal for creating a powerful impression at your exhibitions, events or roadshows. It’s extremely easy to setup and dismantle with minimal knowledge required!
Model Width Height Weight Price
3 x 3 Curved3 x 3 Straight 3,365mm3,545mm 2,220mm2,220mm 25kg25kg S$1088
3 x 4 Curved3 x 4 Straight 3,000mm3,490mm 2,310mm2,310mm 35kg35kg S$1388
2 x 3 Curved3 x 3 Straight 2,692mm2,812mm 2,200mm2,220mm 21kg21kg S$988
L Shaped Pop Up Display 7 x 3 45kg S$2678
Pop Up Round Tower  675mm (3 panels) 2200mm S$320


* Design services are available, quote upon request.
* Prices quoted are in Singapore dollars.